Pam MacNeill: A Call for Action

For too long, disabled people have not been equally represented in the positions of greatest influence over our own lives. We’re barely visible within the media, Parliament or Government. Neither are we well represented at senior management levels within the disability sector itself. The latest example of our marginalisation is that of the establishment of a Ministry for Disabled People. It seems that it is somehow deemed acceptable to put a nondisabled person at the helm. By mobilising a grassroots movement of disabled people in Aotearoa New Zealand, Disabled Leadership Now wants to pressure the Ministry of Social Development to take concrete steps to ensure disabled leadership is embedded throughout the ministry, particularly at leadership and management levels. Use the #DisabledLeadershipNow hashtag, to join us in growing the movement and raising public consciousness about the dearth of disabled leadership in prominent positions.


Disabled Leadership Now is campaigning to: embed disabled leadership in the DNA of the Ministry for Disabled People. To this end, we strongly urge the Ministry for Social Development to take immediate steps to ensure the appointment of disabled leaders to the ministry, including at Establishment Director, Chief Executive and senior management levels, now and into the future.



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